Your Secret Is Safe With Me

Times when you told someone a secret and they revealed it (on purpose or by accident). What did you do? What things do you enjoy listening to? Why? Where? When? Times when you didn’t feel listened to…or missed out on something because you didn’t listen.

Row Row Row Your Boat

Write about any experiences you have had with goats – toy boats, row boats, cruise ships, motor boats, etc. “Row Row Row Your Boat” is a song most people learn. Write down the words to a few of the songs you learned as a young person. Write the story of …

Let’s Go Make No Angels

Experiences with snow – at home, on a mountain, at school etc. Include building things or making things with snow. Fun things we do in winter – even if it isn’t snowing, winter is fun. Stories of Christmas time celebrations, foods, and traditions in my life.

Stepped in Happiness

Gross things that have happened to me – stepping in something, being sick, having something spill on me, etc. (Could be a day of gross things, one after the other.) Best day of my life – unexpected happy things that have happened to me. How to train a cat – …