Goldie and the Three Hares

The Hare family is having dinner when Goldilocks, fleeing from the three bears, falls down the hole. Having hurt her foot, she remains as a guest, but is a terrible one. How can the Hare family get rid of her? There is a complete set of teaching ideas for this book at

  1. Goldilocks is a houseguest for the Hare family.  Write stories about sleepovers (friends, grandmothers, etc.) and other times when you were a houseguest overnight.
  2. Goldie hurts her foot. Write about injuries you have suffered in your life, and what happened.
  3. House rules If you were going to write them down, what are the house rules for your home? (No shoes on the furniture, brush your teeth in the morning and at night? Make your bed? Say grace? Do the dishes? etc.)
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