January 27, 1832: Lewis Carroll is Born

Lewis Carroll grew up to become the author Alice in Wonderland. When he was 30, he and his friend rowed the 3 young daughters of Henry Lidell five miles down the River thames.  On the way, he made up a story about a bored girl named Alice who went on adventures.  He also wrote the beloved nonsense poem, Jabberwocky, and the sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass.

  1. There is an animated Disney movie – Alice in Wonderland. Write stories about any Disney movies you have seen – what, where, when, your impressions, your favourites. 
  2. Three sisters are in the rowboat. Write stories of fun with your siblings – both sisters and brothers.
  3. There are 166 words in the poem Jabberwocky. Write the poem out as many times as you need to.
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