John Collier, The Sleeping Beauty

John Collier was from a prominent and talented family of Quakers in the late 1800’s. Quakers made a great contribution to ethical commercial ventures such as chocolate making and fine china. He was a Pre-Raphaelite painter – of romantic pictures of women with pale skin and long wavy reddish-brown hair.  He married two of the daughters of Thomas Huxley – a prominent intellectual and biologist who championed Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

  1. Why favourite fairy tales (and any I don’t like)? When did I hear or read them – at home in bed, on trips, etc.
  2. Note the super long hair. Different haircuts I have had, managing my hair, routines for taking are of my hair, getting a haircut, having a strange haircut, wearing a wig, et.
  3. Stories about sleeping. When do I go to bed? Where do I sleep? Do I have bed rituals? Falling asleep unexpectedly (in a movie, in a class, at church, etc.). Repeating nightmares.
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