Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein

Mary Shelley is the 18 year old author of Frankenstein (Or the Modern Prometheus) and this is the story of how, on a stormy night, in 1816, in a gathering of recognized Romantic period geniuses, she began to write this story which is the inspiration of the entire gothic horror genre.There is a complete set of teaching ideas for this book at

  1. Mary Shelley dreamed part of her story. Write about a repeating dream, or dreams, you have.
  2. Mary Shelley was with a group of people who are recognized geniuses from the Romantic period in literature. Write about famous people who you admire and why.
  3. The group of friends challenged each other to write something during as storm. Write about the impact of a storm, or storms, in my life. (Basement flood, tree falling, power failure, wind storms, etc.)
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