Nighthawks, Edwin Hopper, 1942

In slang a “nighthawk” is an insomniac or a person who naturally prefers the night. The picture is said to represent the loneliness of the city. The actual “nighthawk” is a bird that hunts at night. Shows like “the Simpsons” and various movies have set up a scene like this which reference Nighthawks, one of the most famous American paintings.

  1. Tell the stories of times when you have stayed up the latest – New Years, a late night movie, a late night drive home from somewhere.
  2. This painting was bought for about $50,000 in 2021 dollars by the Art Institute of Chicago just a few months after it was finished and went on display. Today it would be worth perhaps $50 million dollars. Write about the best deals you ever got.
  3. This is a “burger joint” – write about your experience with fast foods – your favourite dishes, when you go, which one(s), etc.?
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