Nothing Stopped Sophie

Sophie Germain was an 18th C math prodigy who simply refused to accept the assigned roles for a female. Her parents, the schools, the science establishment…nothing stopped her insatiable need to understand and use mathematics. She eventually found the formula that would predict patterns of vibration. We use it to build bridges, and skyscrapers, and skytrains, earthquake scenarios…anything that has a structure and can vibrate. In 1816 she became the first woman to win a grand prize form the Royal academy of Sciences.

  1. Sophie sneaks out of bed to study mathematicians. Have you ever snuck out of bed, or brought a flashlight to read under the covers, or….?
  2. It was so cold in the bedroom that the ink froze in the bottle. Write experiences you have had with cold weather.
  3. Persistence is one of Sophie’s characteristics. Tell about something you persisted in?
  4. Sophie sends her homework in the mail. Write about good and bad experiences with homework.
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