November 7 1885: The Last Spike of the CPR

 The last spike of the Canadian Pacific Railway was driven on November 7, 1885. It was a huge and magnificent achievement of a fledgling country intended to unify the country. It was a promise to BC when they joined Confederation in 1871. The terminus was in Port Moody BC, but the last spike was driven in Craigellachie near Revelstoke.

  1. Write about trains in your life – seeing trains, waiting for trains, sounds of trains, riding on a train, miniature trains, amusement park trains, etc.
  2. The CPR unified Canada. My experiences in other parts of my country – vacations, moving, etc.
  3. The last spike was driven by a spiking maul – which could be the origin of the expression “being mauled”. It is similar to a sledgehammer. Write stories about tools of any kind and how you learned to handle them (pens, hammers, screw drivers, paint brushes – big and little tools).
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