The Card Players by Cezanne, 1890’s

There are 5 different ones in the series, each painting is of Provencal peasants in France, always male, always totally engrossed in the card game. One of them was sold to the royal family of Qatar in 2017 for $250 million dollars.

  1. Write about card games that you play, where, with whom, what games?
  2. Describe the painting in detail, so that a person could tell this The Card Players by Cezanne from any of the other 4 paintings. (Afterwards, see if you can find images of the other 4 and see if you could tell the difference from your description).
  3. Some card game expressions include: had an ace up his sleeve (secret advantage), cashed in his chips (died), raised the ante (put in more money, made it harder to go on), held all the cards (had an unbeatable advantage), lived in a house of cards (precarious, an illusion), dealt a bad hand (bad luck), all bets are off (anything can happen). Create an amusing little adventure and have your characters include as many card expressions as you can….without the characters playing cards of course
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