The Junk Drawer

This one can only be done once. Bring into school your own junk drawer from home…salt it with a few more items if your junk drawer doesn’t have much in it. Google “junk drawer” and select a few images.

Show your junk drawer, then a picture of a junk drawer, to get them mentally started.  Tell them if they don’t finish in class, they should look in their junk drawer at home for inspiration.

  1.  Select the 5 most interesting things in the drawer.  Describe them and explain what they are used for. What else could you use them for?
  2. You are an item in the junk drawer.  Tell the story of your life – how you were born, what you used to do, and how you ended up in the junk drawer.
  3. You are an archeologist of the future who found this drawer.  Draw conclusions and explanations of the “lost civilization” that left it. These don’t have to be accurate, of course.
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