Two Kinds of People – the Builders and the Smashers

  1. Write about building sandcastles at the beach. Include the complete story of where, when, what you built, how long it lasted, who you built with, tools you had to work with, dialogue, etc.
  2. Write the story of this picture. Include the thoughts of the builder as the structure comes into being and the thoughts of the smasher who is obviously having a good time. What happens after?
  3. Graffiti and vandalism are examples of destructive “smashing.” Write about examples you have seen or heard of. What do you think should be the penalty for someone who vandalizes property? (The Pieta, a statue by Michelangelo, had its arm smashed by a vandal. After restoration, it now can only be see from a distance behind a plastic barricade. That “smash” deprived ultimately millions of people from getting a direct and close up look at this masterpiece.)
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