How Do I Create Quick And Easy Books For Extreme Writing?

NO to a duotang, or a special section in their binder for their journaling.

The signal given is that journaling is an endless task. Extreme Writing allows you to see a  completed project in 10 days which is much more satisfying.

Take 5 pieces of paper and a piece of cardstock. Fold the pages in half    hamburger style as they say.

Staple the cover and pages together to create a book. This book is 10 pages long – 2-sided that is 20 pages. Students can do it themselves.

Below are pdf’s for 10 possible different covers you can use.  Each one has a different Extreme sport on it, to continue the EXTREME illusion for the writing. Don’t have them make their own covers – it’s a waste of productive class time.

In two weeks, students will fill the entire book.  Some of your students toward the upper grades will be even more productive, and you may need to put in up to 10 pieces of paper to create 20 sides to write on.

The psychology of it:

  1. You are going to fill an ENTIRE BOOK with your writing.
  2.   Secret: It’s really a full page of writing – but 2 half pages seems a lot easier to do and it seems like they are doing more.

TIP: If you are using blank paper, create a set of lines on your computer that are about 40pt. in thickness.  They should be clearly visible through the paper.  Students get a piece of this paper, plus 2 paper clips.  They can fasten them to the pages while they write, they remove them and everything will be “on the lines.”

TIP: Let students add colour to their cover – but provide no time in class to do it. Always create the impression that this is a privilege not a job.

TIP: If you used lined paper, students will write with the lines going vertically – but it’s still fine.

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