March 1918: 1918 Flu Kills 100 Million People

The first victim of “Spanish flu” was private Albert Gitchell, March 4, in Kansas. By the end of the week 500 soldiers were down with it. American soldiers going abroad spread the flu across a Europe that was weakened by 4 years of war. Vast armies, an exhausted continent, ruined countrysides – it was ripe for a pandemic across the world.  Five hundred million caught the flu – 100 million died. Why was it called “Spanish” flu? Because the war went on for another 9 months. War, and security issues, prevented good reports except in neutral Spain.

  1. The flu – write about you and your family’s experiences with the flu and flu shots.
  2. Vaccinations or “getting a shot” – Write about your experiences with needles for any reason including blood samples, flu shots, vaccinations, hospital visits, ear piercings, etc.
  3. Remembrance Day is set for the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month – November 11 at 11 am. This was the time the armistice that ended WWI was signed.  Write about Remembrance Day memories.
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