The Umbrellas, Pierre Auguste Renoir

The time is 1881 and fashionable people are out in the rain in Paris. It’s unusual for its time because the principal figures – the ones that look out at you – are not in the centre of the picture. Look at the girl with the hoop and the girl on the left.

It looks as though the man approaching the girl with no umbrella and no hat may be going to offer her his umbrella.  She’s an assistant in a dress shop and is carrying a hatbox, but has no hat herself.  

  1.  Look at the little girl with the hoop.  Write about toys in your life – favourites, ones that disappointed you, ones that were broken, etc.
  2. Fashion and You – your favourite clothes, old and new.
  3. Fun in the Rain – getting caught in the rain, playing in the rain, getting dressed for the rain.
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