David, Lorenzo Bernini

David is holding a slingshot.  Write stories of weapons you have had or played with – toy guns, bows and arrows, toy rifle, toy sword, space weapon, etc. David is a young shepherd facing a giant with sword. Write about being brave. What do you think bravery is?  Give some …

Variety Is the Spice of Life

Eating lots of different foods from all around the world provides variety.  Stories about  foods you have tried and like, or don’t like.  Where? When? Why? Doing lots of different things is exciting. Talk about variety in what you do in your life. The opposite of variety is doing the …

Boy Chased By Dinosaur

Stories of things that have scared me – earthquakes, lightning, a spider, an animal, etc. Stories of the advantages and disadvantages of being small A story of what happened before this, what is happening now, and what will happen next.

Your Secret Is Safe With Me

Times when you told someone a secret and they revealed it (on purpose or by accident). What did you do? What things do you enjoy listening to? Why? Where? When? Times when you didn’t feel listened to…or missed out on something because you didn’t listen.

Dancing Puffer Bird

Dancing and Me – stories about dancing in my life – at school, weddings, at home, with friends, in a class, alone I Can’t Find It – stories bout hunting for things that are lost. What, where, when, what happened? What is That? – foot issues. Shopping for shoes, shoes …