Extreme Writing Basics

“I can’t believe I can write that much,”, “Can we do it again?” How many times have your students said that?…probably never.
What is this variation on journaling that captures student interest and is designed to build the ability to write quickly (fluency) and get ideas fast (ideation)?

December 6, 1917: The Halifax Explosion

On December 6, 1917, in Halifax Harbour, a Norwegian ship collided with a French ship that was loaded with explosives. The blast killed approximately 2000 people, and about 9000 were injured. The entire Richmond area of Halifax was flattened. Most of Halifax was destroyed. A tsunami created wiped out a …

John Collier, The Sleeping Beauty

John Collier was from a prominent and talented family of Quakers in the late 1800’s. Quakers made a great contribution to ethical commercial ventures such as chocolate making and fine china. He was a Pre-Raphaelite painter – of romantic pictures of women with pale skin and long wavy reddish-brown hair.  …

Let’s Go Make No Angels

Experiences with snow – at home, on a mountain, at school etc. Include building things or making things with snow. Fun things we do in winter – even if it isn’t snowing, winter is fun. Stories of Christmas time celebrations, foods, and traditions in my life.